5,000 - 7,000 ft²

Tiny Titans (large) tours our most dynamic collection of real dinosaur eggs, many of which have been featured in National Geographic. This exhibit features an articulated Protocerotops family, the Dino Petting Zoo, video games, two of our dress up stations, and all of our other great exhibit components. Tiny Titans delivers both the “What and Wow” for your visitors experience.

“There is something for every age group and every proficiency level in this exhibit. The scholarship is deep as is the educational value. We were proud to have this exceptional exhibit at our science center.”

– Jan McKay
Executive Director
Gulf Coast Exploreum, Mobile Alabama


Three month minimum lease,
Contact us for a quote.


Estimated cost $5,000-$9,000


    • Real eggs and nests - some featured in National Geographic
    • Touchable replica eggs from each dinosaur group
    • “Petting Zoo” features 5 baby dino sculptures
    • Dress up area with Oviraptor and Sauropod nests and costumes
    • Touch a real fossil leg bone and Build-a-bone puzzle
    • Dig pits and “Jurassic Play Land”
    • Computer games and Reading area
    • Original “Baby Louie” models by National Geographic artists Gary Staab and Brian Cooley
    • Articulated Protoceratops and Psittacosaurus families
    • Oviraptor parent on nest
    • 8’ wide touchable nest of Gigantoraptor eggs
    • Informative videos featuring top paleontologists
    • Artwork and murals by Luis V. Rey and Mark Hallett
    • Embryo sculptures for each dinosaur group
    • Photographs by Academy Award winning photojournalist, Louie Psihoyos
    • Bilingual signage (Spanish and English)
    • Modular walls for custom gallery configuration
    • Secure display cases

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