2,500 - 4,000 ft²

Tiny Titans (medium) is our most popular sized exhibit. This is a colorful and educational experience perfect for the entire family. The collection of real eggs and nests is stunning, set with "windows into the past" painted by Luis V. Rey and Mark Hallett. Not only does each section feature exquisite real fossils but also touchable high quality replicas. There are hands-on activities for toddlers to teens and informative science for students to professors.

"Since I've been here, this has been the most user-friendly exhibit we have had. We enjoyed the rich educational value, as well as the compelling graphic design and illustrations."

- Sam Beiber, Exhibits Supervisor, Mississippi Museum of Natural Science


Three month minimum lease,
Contact us for a quote.


Estimated $3,000-$6,000


    • Real eggs and nests
    • Touchable replica eggs from each dinosaur group
    • Real fossil touchable leg bone
    • Original “Baby Louie” model by Brian Cooley featured in National Geographic Magazine
    • Dino dress-up and reading area
    • Dig pits and “Jurassic Play Land”
    • Build-a-bone puzzle
    • Fleshed out Protoceratops family diorama
    • Real baby emu skeleton
    Protoceratops mounted skeletons
    • Informative videos featuring top paleontologists
    • Artwork by Luis V. Rey and Mark Hallett
    • Sauropod and Oviraptor murals included, additional murals can be custom printed as space allows
    • Embryo sculptures for each dinosaur group
    • Photographs by Academy Award winning photojournalist, Louie Psihoyos
    • Modular walls for custom gallery configuration
    • Secure display cases
    • Computer games (optional)

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